Amazon advertising management

Tell me about Amazon advertising!

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world.  As such, it’s no surprise that they also have a highly advanced platform for advertising.  Why not make use of it?

We specialize in advertising products in the many different sections that Amazon makes available to companies.  In fact, the Amazon advertising campaigns we’ve implemented for our clients have had the highest success rates and profits of any type of paid advertising.

Save time and money on your Amazon Ads

Creating a successful marketing campaign for Amazon Ads is filled with challenges.  It’s very time consuming, and the process is constantly changing. 

Focus on your business, and let us take care of the constant changes and obstacles to help you reach your targets.

Zebra Solutions Managed Services can help you save time on advertising while staying within your budget, because we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed – we’ve worked extensively with PPC and know how to find profitable keywords, all while managing rising ACoS.Let us help you to overtake your competitors in the top placements and increase your traffic and sales.

When you work with us on your Amazon Advertising, you can expect to save valuable time; optimize ad spending; decrease ACoS; outshine the competition; receive quality traffic; and increase your sales and revenue.

What to expect when working with us

  • Proactive account management optimization
  • Tailor-made reports and dashboards to keep track of progress
  • Daily communication on Slack to discuss optimization and answer your questions
  • Minimum bi-weekly calls and monthly meetings, regular workshops, and visits to our office
  • Confirmation of each step before campaign activation, gone over with a fine-toothed comb
  • Integration into the process, including checks on budget and transparency
  • In-house quarterly cross account audits
  • Custom in-house proprietary tools and scripts developed with your specific needs in mind

Our experts here at Managed Services optimize and reorganize each client’s advertising campaigns and strategies.  This allows us to overtake the competition in a client’s specific Amazon category for similar products. Once the Amazon Ad campaign has been launched, your brand recognition and sales will increase, but your ACoS won’t.

What is the Zebra Solutions Strategy?

Find what works. Thorough analysis helps us quickly extract the keywords that lead to sales, so we can eliminate those that result in wasted ad spending.

Overtake the competition and build your brand recognition. At the top of our priority list is driving targeted traffic and building brand recognition on Amazon, helping to put your brand at the top.

Optimize ads and increase revenue.Identifying profitable keywords in your business’ category will organically increase your ranking.

Reorganize campaigns to make management easier and meet target ACoS. A common problem with campaigns is that they are complicated and therefore hard to monitor.  This leads to upward trending ACoS and increased ad spending, but not increased sales. Just a few short weeks after we reorganize your campaign, your ACoS will decrease, while your sales and conversions rise.

Target sponsored products and brand ads to drive sales. We combine manual campaigns with auto-targeting to achieve an increase in impressions and conversions. Sponsored product ads together with new sponsored brand ads (headline search ads) result in an immediate increase in your brand’s overall placement on Amazon and subsequent brand recognition.


Zebra Solutions Managed Services has the time, skill, and knowledge to make your Amazon advertising profitable.